TECHNOLOGY TRENDS THAT WILL CHANGE IN THE WORLD 2018Some technology trends fail and others just disappear. But not all of them fail, there is technology that can change the world significantly. Here are nine technology trends that will determine the fate of the world in 2018 as reported on the Forbes page

Increased datafication of life.

From chatting together in instant messaging applications, buying coffee, using electronic money to take transportation to streaming music applications, all of our data will be saved. This led to an increase in datafication in the world leading to an unprecedented data explosion. In one minute, there are 900 thousand Facebook users logged in, 450 thousand tweets were posted, 156 million emails and 15 million messages were sent. With that number, it’s no wonder the data created by the world has increased over the past two years.

Internet of Things (IoT) and how devices are getting smarter.

IoT, the product of smart devices connected to mobile phones and smartwatches, is a major factor in increasing the data connection of a person. This is because all these smart devices are continuously collecting data, connecting with other devices and sharing data, without being connected by humans. This smart device does a lot of things, for example connecting to a car. By 2020, a quarter of a billion cars will be connected to the internet. For the home, there are a variety of smart devices such as TVs and even yoga mats that are connected to the app. Of course every smart home will come with voice features like Alexa. Lots of smart devices, but IoT is just getting started, a global analytics company, IHS estimates there will be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.

Exponential growth in massive technological advances.

Behind the tremendous growth in data and the billions of IoT devices available, there is a huge leap in computing power that we have made. From 1975 to 2015, computing power doubled every two years, before slowing at this rate to every two and a half years. Although it has reached the limit of traditional computing power, it can still be handled because it has quantum computing. So they are able to handle even unpredictable problems.