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Getting to Know the Levels of Autonomous Car Technology

Getting to Know the Levels of Autonomous Car Technology – As we know, some may not even know what an autonomous car is. An autonomous car is a type of vehicle that can run on its own without anyone driving. However, autonomous cars that are made will differ from one another, depending on the level of autonomy that is able to be carried out by a car .

What are the levels?

Level 0
This level concerns all the cars in the world today, in the sense of no-frills autonomous features. All the mechanics of driving the car are completely done by the driver himself.
Available features such as blind spot monitoring or collision warning are still included in this category.

Level 1
In this category, almost all functions in the vehicle are under human control, but some functions and features can be done automatically through modern systems or features that have been embedded in the car.
Still, the person behind the wheel must be vigilant in case intervention is needed at any time.

Level 2
At this level the driver can release his grip from the steering wheel and the gas pedal. However, driver vigilance is still needed to take control when conditions are critical.

Level 3
At this level the vehicle is said to be semi-autonomous, meaning that almost all control is taken by the system. However, the driver still has to sit in the driver’s seat for emergencies.
Autonomous cars at this level are suitable for use on toll roads, where road markings are made very clear and organized.

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Level 4
At this level the vehicle can be said to be autonomous. All control has been taken by the system, so there is no need for human intervention.
However, this level still has limitations on certain road and environmental conditions.

Level 5
This is the most divine level of all levels of autonomous cars that exist. Cars that have an autonomous level of 5, no longer have the driver’s seat. It’s like taking a taxi without a driver.
Just wait for the car to come, set a destination, and sit back and relax while enjoying the ride.

Of all the existing levels, no manufacturer has developed a level 5 autonomous car. Some manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Nissan, or Daimler are developing autonomous cars at level 4.
Meanwhile, many cars have been paved with certain features to make it easier to control the car which then enters level 2 and 3.