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These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Advanced Technology In The World

These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Advanced Technology In The World – Technological developments have really increased over the last two decades. Likewise with consumer needs. The presence of technology now covers almost all lines of human life. There is nothing wrong with the technology industry being one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Recognizing the opportunities that exist, many countries are trying hard to develop their technology industries. Not only for domestic needs, they also export their innovative products all over the world.


Despite being a newcomer to the world’s technology industry, Malaysian technology has already received international attention, especially with the presence of Vitrox Corp, a producer of semiconductors and microchips used in several high-end technologies, which managed to increase its share by 24% this year.


In 2016 alone France already had 96 companies engaged in technology. Even to boost its industry, France is now offering visas to anyone willing to set up or invest in technology startups in the country.


The intelligence of Israeli youth in developing technology, especially innovation in smartphone and automotive applications, has succeeded in making this country one of the countries to be reckoned with.
Even in March 2017 Israel managed to grab the world’s attention when Intel bought the company MobileEye for 15.3 billion dollars. In order to support development in this field of technology, Israel has provided more than 300 research centers and other facilities related to technology development.


Russia’s rapid economic growth is one of the country’s great achievements. In addition to oil and gas, the information and communication technology sector is one of the drivers of Russia’s economic development.
Since 2000, the development of Information and Communication Technology has grown four times faster than the average Russian economic performance. In fact, everyone knows about the great abilities of the hackers.


Nokia mobile phones that used to dominate the telecommunications market in Indonesia are based in Finland. If in the past this country excelled in hardware, now Finland is more focused on software development.
One of its mainstays is the popular Angry Birds mobile game to date.


As of 2015, Australia managed to contribute around 5.1% of GDP from its digital market. not to mention that 22% of the workforce they have are skilled workers.
So don’t be surprised if many of the world’s biggest technology companies see the potential of the Australian market and open offices and research facilities in the country.

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Not only Finland, Sweden is also famous for its innovation in the field of mobile phone technology. Even the success of this Swedish company engaged in technology had a big hand in saving Sweden from the 2008 financial crisis.
If in the past Sweden relied on Ericsson for its technology, now there are Spotify, Skype and Torrent, companies that use the flexibility of the internet to communicate and share information.


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