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Technological Innovations That Will be Used to The Moon

Technological Innovations That Will be Used to The Moon – Technology is now increasing. Including innovation technology for human use to the moon. The following is a review of new technological innovations that humans will use to return to the moon.

1. The Orion spaceship

The Orion spacecraft is the newest spacecraft created and developed by NASA in collaboration with a number of parties, including with the space agencies of other countries.

Named after one of the largest constellations of the constellation, Orion, this spacecraft was developed from a long study to meet the needs of the space exploration program for decades to come. The Orion spacecraft was built for deep space missions, which will take humans to explore farther afield in space than has ever been done before.

2. Space Launch System (SLS) rocket launcher

The Orion spacecraft will be launched into space by a booster rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS). On its official website, NASA informs that the SLS rocket is the only rocket that can send Orion, astronauts, and cargo to the Moon in a single mission. When the SLS rocket launches, it will be the most powerful rocket in the world.

The SLS rocket has a much stronger thrust when compared to the Saturn V-rocket that successfully launched the first human to set foot on the Moon in 1969. In addition, the SLS rocket is capable of launching more cargo to the Moon than the cargo that can be carried by a shuttle- shuttle to low earth orbit.

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3. NASA UWMS expensive toilets

As reported by the businessinsider page, it is an interesting fact that past manned space missions such as the Apollo missions did not include toilets in their missions. So you can imagine how uncomfortable the astronauts were when it came time to go “backward”. They are only provided with a special bag which is certainly very uncomfortable.

After a number of studies, NASA finally developed its own toilet technology called The Universal Waste Management System (UWMS). The state-of-the-art toilet, which costs around 23 million US Dollars or around Rp. 331 billion, has been installed at the ISS Station in 2020. UWMS has dimensions and weight that is lighter than its predecessor toilet and is anti-corrosion and requires minimal maintenance.

UWMS toilets will be installed on the Orion spacecraft, and the Gateway station in lunar orbit. In addition, other toilets are still being developed which may also be installed on the lunar lander for the convenience of astronauts.

4. Gateway Station

The Gateway Station is a spacecraft that will be in orbit of the Moon. At this station the Orion spacecraft will dock and the astronauts will move from Orion to the lunar surface lander. The gateway will be an outpost and control center that will provide vital support for lunar exploration.

The Gateway is one of the most important parts of NASA’s space exploration plan along with the Orion spacecraft, SLS rocket, …