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5 Tips to Prevent Viruses so That Android is Safe

5 Tips to Prevent Viruses so That Android is Safe – It could be that Moms’s smartphone is infected with a virus and even ‘hijacked’ by irresponsible people.

But don’t worry Moms, there are steps to prevent hacks and keep your smartphone safe.

1. Smartphone encryption

By encrypting your smartphone, Moms can keep your data safe even if your smartphone is hacked or stolen.

It’s easy, Moms can go directly to the Settings menu -> Security -> Encrypt Phone.

Google itself has provided this service for a long time.

2. Use App Permission

On Android Marshmellow or Android 6.0, Google added this app permissions feature, Moms.

That way, users don’t need to worry too much if they accidentally install something because the smartphone will ask permission first.

3. Install the Android Device Manager

Usually this application already exists when Moms buy a smartphone.

However, many do not know its benefits, so they decide to deactivate it.

In fact, this application can find the location of your smartphone via its website.

Data storage and deletion can also be done in this application, Moms

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4. Storing data internally or separately

When a smartphone is connected to a computer, data in the external memory can be detected more easily and also the possibility of theft.

So it is better indeed to store data in internal memory.

External memory can be a solution but not to be installed on a smartphone, so it is only a backup.

5. Do not use WiFi carelessly

Using any WiFi can certainly harm your android.