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Technology for Pets

Technology for Pets – In this world there are so many types of technology that can make many people feel very easy to do all kinds of activities in their lives. But technology is not only provided for humans, but also made for animals that do need a technology.

If you are a pet owner who is looking for technology that can help simplify your activities in taking care of animals or want to pamper your anabul. Below will be discussed some technologies that are deliberately created for pets.

1. Intelligent animal door

Sometimes, pet owners purposely install a special door for their pet dog or cat so they can go in and out freely without us needing to open the main door. Unfortunately, sometimes there are wild animals that come in and out of the house through the door.

To prevent unwanted intruders, SurePetcare created the Microchip Pet Door which allows the pet door to only open when it reads the microchip on the pet. You can also control this door remotely using a smartphone, for example to find out if your pet is away or in the house and whether you want to lock your pet in the house all day by closing the door.

2. Intelligent pet toys

There is also technology created to help keep pets entertained when they are alone in the house. For example, the CleverPet Hub is a toy and automatic feeder for dogs and cats. In this kit, there is a touchpad that can light up and make sounds in a different order, and the pet must tap the correct touchpad to get food.

Another innovative pet toy is the Pebby Smart Ball. This toy is a ball that is controlled by a smartphone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera to allow you to operate it remotely. This allows you to entertain pets when they are busy.

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3. Automatic litter box

So that the cat does not defecate carelessly and even disturbs the comfort of the surrounding environment, the pet owner is required to provide a litter box containing sand for the cat to defecate. However, scooping cat litter is often considered an annoyance for pet owners.

To solve this problem, Litter Robot has developed a powerful automatic cat litter box to filter cat litter after each use and store the litter in a drawer. This makes Litter Robot a leader in the digital cat litter box industry.

4. Pet tracker

One of the things that often worries pet owners is when a pet goes missing somewhere. Answering this problem, many manufacturers are making pet trackers that utilize GPS technology to find out where pets are located.

One that is quite interesting is Get Finster. The advantages of Get Finster are that it doesn’t require the pet owner to pay a monthly fee, it has a great app user interface, a waterproof design, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.