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TECHNOLOGY TRENDS THAT WILL CHANGE IN THE WORLD 2018Some technology trends fail and others just disappear. But not all of them fail, there is technology that can change the world significantly. Here are nine technology trends that will determine the fate of the world in 2018 as reported on the Forbes page

Increased datafication of life.

From chatting together in instant messaging applications, buying coffee, using electronic money to take transportation to streaming music applications, all of our data will be saved. This led to an increase in datafication in the world leading to an unprecedented data explosion. In one minute, there are 900 thousand Facebook users logged in, 450 thousand tweets were posted, 156 million emails and 15 million messages were sent. With that number, it’s no wonder the data created by the world has increased over the past two years.

Internet of Things (IoT) and how devices are getting smarter.

IoT, the product of smart devices connected to mobile phones and smartwatches, is a major factor in increasing the data connection of a person. This is because all these smart devices are continuously collecting data, connecting with other devices and sharing data, without being connected by humans. This smart device does a lot of things, for example connecting to a car. By 2020, a quarter of a billion cars will be connected to the internet. For the home, there are a variety of smart devices such as TVs and even yoga mats that are connected to the app. Of course every smart home will come with voice features like Alexa. Lots of smart devices, but IoT is just getting started, a global analytics company, IHS estimates there will be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.

Exponential growth in massive technological advances.

Behind the tremendous growth in data and the billions of IoT devices available, there is a huge leap in computing power that we have made. From 1975 to 2015, computing power doubled every two years, before slowing at this rate to every two and a half years. Although it has reached the limit of traditional computing power, it can still be handled because it has quantum computing. So they are able to handle even unpredictable problems.

Technology for Pets

Technology for Pets – In this world there are so many types of technology that can make many people feel very easy to do all kinds of activities in their lives. But technology is not only provided for humans, but also made for animals that do need a technology.

If you are a pet owner who is looking for technology that can help simplify your activities in taking care of animals or want to pamper your anabul. Below will be discussed some technologies that are deliberately created for pets.

1. Intelligent animal door

Sometimes, pet owners purposely install a special door for their pet dog or cat so they can go in and out freely without us needing to open the main door. Unfortunately, sometimes there are wild animals that come in and out of the house through the door.

To prevent unwanted intruders, SurePetcare created the Microchip Pet Door which allows the pet door to only open when it reads the microchip on the pet. You can also control this door remotely using a smartphone, for example to find out if your pet is away or in the house and whether you want to lock your pet in the house all day by closing the door.

2. Intelligent pet toys

There is also technology created to help keep pets entertained when they are alone in the house. For example, the CleverPet Hub is a toy and automatic feeder for dogs and cats. In this kit, there is a touchpad that can light up and make sounds in a different order, and the pet must tap the correct touchpad to get food.

Another innovative pet toy is the Pebby Smart Ball. This toy is a ball that is controlled by a smartphone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera to allow you to operate it remotely. This allows you to entertain pets when they are busy.

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3. Automatic litter box

So that the cat does not defecate carelessly and even disturbs the comfort of the surrounding environment, the pet owner is required to provide a litter box containing sand for the cat to defecate. However, scooping cat litter is often considered an annoyance for pet owners.

To solve this problem, Litter Robot has developed a powerful automatic cat litter box to filter cat litter after each use and store the litter in a drawer. This makes Litter Robot a leader in the digital cat litter box industry.

4. Pet tracker

One of the things that often worries pet owners is when a pet goes missing somewhere. Answering this problem, many manufacturers are making pet trackers that utilize GPS technology to find out where pets are located.

One that is quite interesting is Get Finster. The advantages of Get Finster are that it doesn’t require the pet owner to pay a monthly fee, it has a great app user interface, a waterproof design, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.…

Getting to Know the Levels of Autonomous Car Technology

Getting to Know the Levels of Autonomous Car Technology – As we know, some may not even know what an autonomous car is. An autonomous car is a type of vehicle that can run on its own without anyone driving. However, autonomous cars that are made will differ from one another, depending on the level of autonomy that is able to be carried out by a car .

What are the levels?

Level 0
This level concerns all the cars in the world today, in the sense of no-frills autonomous features. All the mechanics of driving the car are completely done by the driver himself.
Available features such as blind spot monitoring or collision warning are still included in this category.

Level 1
In this category, almost all functions in the vehicle are under human control, but some functions and features can be done automatically through modern systems or features that have been embedded in the car.
Still, the person behind the wheel must be vigilant in case intervention is needed at any time.

Level 2
At this level the driver can release his grip from the steering wheel and the gas pedal. However, driver vigilance is still needed to take control when conditions are critical.

Level 3
At this level the vehicle is said to be semi-autonomous, meaning that almost all control is taken by the system. However, the driver still has to sit in the driver’s seat for emergencies.
Autonomous cars at this level are suitable for use on toll roads, where road markings are made very clear and organized.

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Level 4
At this level the vehicle can be said to be autonomous. All control has been taken by the system, so there is no need for human intervention.
However, this level still has limitations on certain road and environmental conditions.

Level 5
This is the most divine level of all levels of autonomous cars that exist. Cars that have an autonomous level of 5, no longer have the driver’s seat. It’s like taking a taxi without a driver.
Just wait for the car to come, set a destination, and sit back and relax while enjoying the ride.

Of all the existing levels, no manufacturer has developed a level 5 autonomous car. Some manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Nissan, or Daimler are developing autonomous cars at level 4.
Meanwhile, many cars have been paved with certain features to make it easier to control the car which then enters level 2 and 3.…

The Best Waste Treatment Technology

The Best Waste Treatment Technology – Indonesia has a lot of technology that is already running and developing and is even known worldwide. One of the world’s technological innovations is waste management technology. Here’s the review

1. Mallgarb

Mallsampah is a startup from Makassar that was founded in 2015 and has now become a limited liability company. The way this waste mall works is to mediate waste producers, both household and office waste, to then be traded to collectors or scavengers. Through this platform, people can also buy products that are environmentally friendly.

2. Dispenser Mas Eco

As the name implies, the Mas Eco Dispenser is a smart dispenser that has been designed with a computerized system. Even though it is still a prototype, Dede Nurdiansya, as the innovator, plans to make Mas Eco Dispenser available at crowded points so as to encourage people to bring their own drinking packaging and avoid the problem of thirst. Later, this Mas Eco Dispenser will function only by attaching an electronic money card.

3. People’s Electricity TOSS

The Local Electricity Trash Place (TOSS) is a program to treat organic waste, such as leaves, grass, and trees which will then be used as an alternative source of economic energy. This innovation was created by the Klungkung Regional Government in collaboration with STT PLLN and Indonesia Power. Not only that, organic waste from households can also be transformed into fish feed that can be traded.

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4. Gringo

Another startup that has an idea for waste management. Gringgo, which has been established since 2014 and is based in Bali, is a platform that can connect the community to the nearest landfill for easy recycling. Interestingly, in the waste processing process that occurs, both waste producers, collectors, or recyclers can receive prizes according to the information contained in the application.

5. Transport

This innovation is still related to startups. Under the name Angkuts, this startup from Pontianak functions to provide targeted waste transportation services to make it easier for people to make waste.

Angkuts can manage waste in housing, restaurants, hotels, offices, and even boarding houses. Not only that, waste owners will also be rewarded with balances in the form of savings in the Angkuts application.…

Technological Innovations That Will be Used to The Moon

Technological Innovations That Will be Used to The Moon – Technology is now increasing. Including innovation technology for human use to the moon. The following is a review of new technological innovations that humans will use to return to the moon.

1. The Orion spaceship

The Orion spacecraft is the newest spacecraft created and developed by NASA in collaboration with a number of parties, including with the space agencies of other countries.

Named after one of the largest constellations of the constellation, Orion, this spacecraft was developed from a long study to meet the needs of the space exploration program for decades to come. The Orion spacecraft was built for deep space missions, which will take humans to explore farther afield in space than has ever been done before.

2. Space Launch System (SLS) rocket launcher

The Orion spacecraft will be launched into space by a booster rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS). On its official website, NASA informs that the SLS rocket is the only rocket that can send Orion, astronauts, and cargo to the Moon in a single mission. When the SLS rocket launches, it will be the most powerful rocket in the world.

The SLS rocket has a much stronger thrust when compared to the Saturn V-rocket that successfully launched the first human to set foot on the Moon in 1969. In addition, the SLS rocket is capable of launching more cargo to the Moon than the cargo that can be carried by a shuttle- shuttle to low earth orbit.

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3. NASA UWMS expensive toilets

As reported by the businessinsider page, it is an interesting fact that past manned space missions such as the Apollo missions did not include toilets in their missions. So you can imagine how uncomfortable the astronauts were when it came time to go “backward”. They are only provided with a special bag which is certainly very uncomfortable.

After a number of studies, NASA finally developed its own toilet technology called The Universal Waste Management System (UWMS). The state-of-the-art toilet, which costs around 23 million US Dollars or around Rp. 331 billion, has been installed at the ISS Station in 2020. UWMS has dimensions and weight that is lighter than its predecessor toilet and is anti-corrosion and requires minimal maintenance.

UWMS toilets will be installed on the Orion spacecraft, and the Gateway station in lunar orbit. In addition, other toilets are still being developed which may also be installed on the lunar lander for the convenience of astronauts.

4. Gateway Station

The Gateway Station is a spacecraft that will be in orbit of the Moon. At this station the Orion spacecraft will dock and the astronauts will move from Orion to the lunar surface lander. The gateway will be an outpost and control center that will provide vital support for lunar exploration.

The Gateway is one of the most important parts of NASA’s space exploration plan along with the Orion spacecraft, SLS rocket, …

Definition and Advantages of a Typewriter

Definition and Advantages of a Typewriter – In ancient times important documents were made using typewriters. However, in this instant era, typewriters are almost extinct because they have been replaced by desk computers and portable computers. An electronic typewriter or commonly referred to as a typewriter is an office machine whose circuit is electronic by using a power source from a battery or AC adapter. This machine can also only be driven by using electric power.

However, some government offices still use typewriters to make documents such as SPJ and receipts. With BP-Guide, let’s explore together how to have the right typewriter.

Guide to Choosing a Typewriter

Paper Width
When going to buy a typewriter, we can pay attention to the quality of the machine in terms of the width of the paper that can be used with the machine. You can have a typewriter that has a paper size setting. Usually the available width sizes are 9, 13, 15 to 18 inches.

For the type of paper, people usually know HVS paper to be used as a document used for typewriters. This paper is popular because it is easier to obtain in the market. HVS paper comes in white with grammage variants from 60 grams to 100 grams.

There are two types of typewriters, namely the manual type and the electric type. Manual typewriter, of course, all the way it works manually with human power. This typewriter is often found either at home or in the office that still uses a manual type typewriter.

The other type is an electric typewriter which is more practical. This machine works using electricity and human power. This machine is a little different from the usual. It’s easier to use and manage because it has a delete or backspace feature to remove typos. Of course, electric typewriters cost a lot more.

Official guarantee
When buying a typewriter, try to buy a new one. This is because the quality and the spare parts are still guaranteed to be authentic. Avoid buying second hand goods because we don’t know whether they have been reconditioned or not.
Buy it at trusted stores and sellers so that you get an official guarantee and not just a fake warranty.

Advantages of the Electric Typewriter

Speed ​​Up Work
Electric typewriters use electricity in their use. This electric typewriter also has its own advantages. Because it is easier and more efficient to use, this typewriter can make office work easier. This machine uses less human power. The typing results are not much different from the results typed on the computer, you know.

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Can Save Memory/Data
Electric typewriters come in models that rely more on technology. So the advantage is being able to save memory. Its editing function can also improve the appearance of handwriting. An electric typewriter can also record data so that it can be reopened at any time if needed.

Using Color
Important documents will certainly be …

Benefits and Types of Anti Radiation Glasses

Benefits and Types of Anti Radiation Glasses – Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight and blue light from gadgets produce radiation rays. Radiation rays are not good for your eyes so you need special protection in the form of anti-radiation glasses. The function of anti-radiation glasses is to block radiation rays from damaging your eyes.

Usually the blue light that emits from gadgets or other electronic items can potentially cause your vision to be disturbed, such as blurry, tired eyes, dry eyes, and even worse, cataracts.

Benefits of anti-radiation glasses

Working too long at the computer makes you potentially exposed to CVS (computer vision syndrome). CVS is a collection of symptoms related to eye diseases caused by the use of computer-based electronic devices. These symptoms include tired or dry eyes, watering, headaches, and fever due to radiation exposure.

One of the efforts that can be done to avoid this symptom is to protect your eyes from exposure to blue light gadgets. For that, you need to wear anti-radiation glasses with specially designed lenses to counteract radiation rays. Not only gadget radiation, these glasses are also able to block radiation rays from the sun.

The lenses of anti-radiation glasses are made of an advanced ion vacuum coating that can absorb low-frequency microwaves. This technology will protect the eyes from exposure to harmful rays, such as blue light and ultraviolet light. By wearing these glasses, your eyes become more comfortable and you can work longer staring at a computer screen.

Recommendations for the best anti-radiation glasses


Cyxus is the best anti radiation glasses suitable for game lovers. These glasses have anti-radiation lenses that can protect your eyes from the blue light that emits from the monitor when you are playing games.

Not only blue light, one of the best anti-radiation glasses is also able to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Don’t worry, the lenses from Cyxus glasses won’t change the color on the screen you’re looking at. So, you can still focus on defeating your enemies in the game that you want to finish. These glasses can be purchased with prices starting from IDR 500,000.

Oppa Glasses

Oppa Glasses offers a myriad of types and types of the best anti-radiation glasses that you can try according to your taste. There are anti-radiation lenses with classic frames, or even modern ones.

The anti-radiation lens offered by Oppa Glasses is priced at around Rp. 310,000. This lens is claimed to be able to keep the eyes from blue light radiation and various other blue light up to 95 percent.

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In addition to lenses, you can also try various cool frames from Oppa Glasses for only spending money starting from Rp. 99,000.

Owl Eyewear

Owl Eyewear not only sells various types of cool and classic frames, but they still pay attention to the lens needs of their consumers so that their eye health is maintained.

In addition to …

These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Advanced Technology In The World

These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Advanced Technology In The World – Technological developments have really increased over the last two decades. Likewise with consumer needs. The presence of technology now covers almost all lines of human life. There is nothing wrong with the technology industry being one of the most profitable industries in the world.

Recognizing the opportunities that exist, many countries are trying hard to develop their technology industries. Not only for domestic needs, they also export their innovative products all over the world.


Despite being a newcomer to the world’s technology industry, Malaysian technology has already received international attention, especially with the presence of Vitrox Corp, a producer of semiconductors and microchips used in several high-end technologies, which managed to increase its share by 24% this year.


In 2016 alone France already had 96 companies engaged in technology. Even to boost its industry, France is now offering visas to anyone willing to set up or invest in technology startups in the country.


The intelligence of Israeli youth in developing technology, especially innovation in smartphone and automotive applications, has succeeded in making this country one of the countries to be reckoned with.
Even in March 2017 Israel managed to grab the world’s attention when Intel bought the company MobileEye for 15.3 billion dollars. In order to support development in this field of technology, Israel has provided more than 300 research centers and other facilities related to technology development.


Russia’s rapid economic growth is one of the country’s great achievements. In addition to oil and gas, the information and communication technology sector is one of the drivers of Russia’s economic development.
Since 2000, the development of Information and Communication Technology has grown four times faster than the average Russian economic performance. In fact, everyone knows about the great abilities of the hackers.


Nokia mobile phones that used to dominate the telecommunications market in Indonesia are based in Finland. If in the past this country excelled in hardware, now Finland is more focused on software development.
One of its mainstays is the popular Angry Birds mobile game to date.


As of 2015, Australia managed to contribute around 5.1% of GDP from its digital market. not to mention that 22% of the workforce they have are skilled workers.
So don’t be surprised if many of the world’s biggest technology companies see the potential of the Australian market and open offices and research facilities in the country.

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Not only Finland, Sweden is also famous for its innovation in the field of mobile phone technology. Even the success of this Swedish company engaged in technology had a big hand in saving Sweden from the 2008 financial crisis.
If in the past Sweden relied on Ericsson for its technology, now there are Spotify, Skype and Torrent, companies that use the flexibility of the internet to communicate and share information.


In …

The Best Photo Editing Application on Android Could Be a Celebrity

The Best Photo Editing Application on Android Could Be a Celebrity – Do you like selfies and uploading photos on social media? If so, then you must have a photo editing application. Not just any application, here is a list of the best photo editing applications that can make your photos even cooler and different. Get ready to install it on your gadget!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are quite frequent and like to edit photos, then maybe you are already familiar with this one application. Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editing application from Adobe which is very well known for its editing features and ease of operation. With this application you can edit photos like a professional through a smartphone. Interesting right?

2. PhotoDirector

With this application, you can also edit with pro editing features such as RGB curves and also HSL tools.

3. VSCO Cam

Well, if the VSCO Cam application is perfect for those of you who like to edit photos to look vintage or hand dirty. You see, this application does offer photo editing features that seem dark and ‘old-fashioned’ which are guaranteed to make the charm of your photos more mysterious and seem luxurious.

4. Snapseed

Not only does it provide standard photo editing features, the Snapseed application also provides filters that can make your photos look even cooler such as Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama filters, and other cool filter effects. The fun thing is, you can access all the features in this application for free without worrying about being disturbed by the appearance of ads or ads.

5. Cymera

This application that provides more than 20 filters, 7 lenses, and 4 recording modes offers easy photo sharing. So, after you finish editing photos in this application, you can immediately share them to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and also Tumblr.

6. Enlight

This application is perfect for those of you who want to edit photos with a simple touch to an artistic touch. Guaranteed, the photos that you edit using this application will look more artistic like the results of a professional photo.

7. Texture

Want your photos to be more unique? Then don’t hesitate to use this Mexture application. The reason is, this application offers photo editing features such as wide range of textures, grains, and light leaks. The fun thing is, you can combine all of these editing features to produce interesting and well-made photos.

8. TouchRetouch

For those of you who don’t want or don’t like the complexity of the photo editing process, then this one application is perfect for you. Simply by pressing the ‘Start’ button on your smartphone screen, the application will automatically edit the area you want to replace or beautify its shape and appearance.

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The SKRWT application offers editing features that can make the photo look wider, because this application offers a wide angle lens feature that can help …

5 Tips to Prevent Viruses so That Android is Safe

5 Tips to Prevent Viruses so That Android is Safe – It could be that Moms’s smartphone is infected with a virus and even ‘hijacked’ by irresponsible people.

But don’t worry Moms, there are steps to prevent hacks and keep your smartphone safe.

1. Smartphone encryption

By encrypting your smartphone, Moms can keep your data safe even if your smartphone is hacked or stolen.

It’s easy, Moms can go directly to the Settings menu -> Security -> Encrypt Phone.

Google itself has provided this service for a long time.

2. Use App Permission

On Android Marshmellow or Android 6.0, Google added this app permissions feature, Moms.

That way, users don’t need to worry too much if they accidentally install something because the smartphone will ask permission first.

3. Install the Android Device Manager

Usually this application already exists when Moms buy a smartphone.

However, many do not know its benefits, so they decide to deactivate it.

In fact, this application can find the location of your smartphone via its website.

Data storage and deletion can also be done in this application, Moms

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4. Storing data internally or separately

When a smartphone is connected to a computer, data in the external memory can be detected more easily and also the possibility of theft.

So it is better indeed to store data in internal memory.

External memory can be a solution but not to be installed on a smartphone, so it is only a backup.

5. Do not use WiFi carelessly

Using any WiFi can certainly harm your android.…