Benefits and Types of Anti Radiation Glasses

Benefits and Types of Anti Radiation Glasses – Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight and blue light from gadgets produce radiation rays. Radiation rays are not good for your eyes so you need special protection in the form of anti-radiation glasses. The function of anti-radiation glasses is to block radiation rays from damaging your eyes.

Usually the blue light that emits from gadgets or other electronic items can potentially cause your vision to be disturbed, such as blurry, tired eyes, dry eyes, and even worse, cataracts.

Benefits of anti-radiation glasses

Working too long at the computer makes you potentially exposed to CVS (computer vision syndrome). CVS is a collection of symptoms related to eye diseases caused by the use of computer-based electronic devices. These symptoms include tired or dry eyes, watering, headaches, and fever due to radiation exposure.

One of the efforts that can be done to avoid this symptom is to protect your eyes from exposure to blue light gadgets. For that, you need to wear anti-radiation glasses with specially designed lenses to counteract radiation rays. Not only gadget radiation, these glasses are also able to block radiation rays from the sun.

The lenses of anti-radiation glasses are made of an advanced ion vacuum coating that can absorb low-frequency microwaves. This technology will protect the eyes from exposure to harmful rays, such as blue light and ultraviolet light. By wearing these glasses, your eyes become more comfortable and you can work longer staring at a computer screen.

Recommendations for the best anti-radiation glasses


Cyxus is the best anti radiation glasses suitable for game lovers. These glasses have anti-radiation lenses that can protect your eyes from the blue light that emits from the monitor when you are playing games.

Not only blue light, one of the best anti-radiation glasses is also able to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Don’t worry, the lenses from Cyxus glasses won’t change the color on the screen you’re looking at. So, you can still focus on defeating your enemies in the game that you want to finish. These glasses can be purchased with prices starting from IDR 500,000.

Oppa Glasses

Oppa Glasses offers a myriad of types and types of the best anti-radiation glasses that you can try according to your taste. There are anti-radiation lenses with classic frames, or even modern ones.

The anti-radiation lens offered by Oppa Glasses is priced at around Rp. 310,000. This lens is claimed to be able to keep the eyes from blue light radiation and various other blue light up to 95 percent.

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In addition to lenses, you can also try various cool frames from Oppa Glasses for only spending money starting from Rp. 99,000.

Owl Eyewear

Owl Eyewear not only sells various types of cool and classic frames, but they still pay attention to the lens needs of their consumers so that their eye health is maintained.

In addition to selling frames, you can also order lenses that you can attach to the frames you have purchased. One of the lenses that you can get is an anti-radiation lens.

For those of you who want to look stylish, try various anti-radiation frames and lenses from OwlEyewear. To bring home anti-radiation glasses from Owl Eyewear, you have to spend starting from Rp. 699,000.


Kateluo is one of the best anti-radiation glasses that can keep your eyes healthy. These glasses are equipped with anti-radiation lenses that can prevent eye fatigue. So you can stare at the computer screen without any worries!

In addition, one of the best anti-radiation glasses is also lightweight and comfortable to use. Kateluo also offers many types of modern and classic frames. You can buy it according to your taste.

William Palmer

William Palmer also has a variety of anti-blue light glasses that are stylish and not old-fashioned. The materials used are of high quality so that the products are not easily damaged.

Every purchase of anti-blue light glasses from William Palmer, you have the opportunity to get anti-reflective and anti-scratch lenses for free.

Grey Jack

The next blueray glasses that you can try are Gray Jack. This eyewear manufacturer has many types of cool blue-ray glasses, both for men, women, and children.

The material used is metal, but it feels light and doesn’t break easily. The color does not fade easily so it is comfortable to use for a long time.