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5 Best Applications for Editing Videos

5 Best Applications for Editing Videos – Today’s smartphones have specifications that are no less capable than computers, besides that the advantage of smartphones compared to computers is that smartphones can be used to capture moments. No wonder that now many people exist in cyberspace only with their Android smartphones, some upload videos of their walks (vlogs), and some also make video tutorials on social media such as YouTube and Instagram.

Not only Adobe Premiere Pro or Sonyvegas Pro that you can use on a PC or laptop, but we also recommend this video editing application on an Android cellphone that you can rely on, besides being able to make cinematic videos, this range of recommended applications is also reliably used for various moments .

Starting from making a daily vlog, making video tutorials and more with a minimalist budget compared to if you buy a PC or laptop specifically for editing.

However, in a good video, of course, skills and editing processes are needed, and now it’s not like it used to require us to use a computer to edit a video even though we only want to add a line of text or just a little effect on the video, now we can use an Android phone to edit video using the following android video editing application:

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

The first android video editing application is Adobe Preimere Clip. This application is only about 50MB in size, with the application you can create lighting effects besides this video clip editing application has several other features that can make videos even more beautiful.

The advantage of this application is that after the raw video has been created, you can add various color effects with a cool appearance, transition effects, which are obtained from the song list on your cellphone and can also add slow motion effects. done by this one video editing application. to download this application you can download it in the playstore by typing the word adobe preimere clip

2. Magisto Video Editor

This android video editing application is very easy to use. with this video editing application, you can put together a collection of videos into a complete, attractive video. besides that, in order for the video to look even better, this application has also prepared several features such as display effects, soundtrack music (background music), display transitions, filters, and other features

You can also make movies from a collection of photos in your gallery to be combined into a unique video. However, to use this application you must first use a Facebook account, and after that you can use the features in this application smoothly.

3. Filmora Video Editor

This android video editing application will not appear watermark when the video is finished editing. This application is called FilmoraGo and is available for free on the Play store by simply typing Filmora in the playstore search field.

Even though this application is free, the video editing results that you make will be exactly what you want. In addition, there is no maximum time limit for a video. can load videos with various effects. like adding music, adding transition effects, and also filters. You can also adjust the speed of the video by using slow motion and fast motion effects.

4. PowerDirector

Previously, it should be noted that this android video editing application is a free application, but in the free version of this application the video that you have edited will display a watermark in the corner of the video, and to remove the watermark, you need to buy the paid version for around 60 thousand rupiah.

in fact PowerDirector is a video editing application that can be used by Android Smartphone users. and actually this application is an application devoted to mobile video editors who are already familiar with video editing tools on a PC.

PowerDirector also allows us to create videos from some of our photo collections. This application is one of the superior video applications on the Google Play Store.

As for this application, it can be used by smartphone users with Android OS 4.3 or higher. Although initially this application was made specifically for users of the ASUS Padfone 2 Smartphone, now PowerDirector can be downloaded freely through the Play Store.

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5. Kinemaster – Pro Video Editor

KineMaster is an application that has a sophisticated display with a front screen with a lens hole in it. The tools and panels in the KineMaster application are easy to understand, especially in the video editing section.

Speaking of features, I am personally very impressed with the features of this KineMaster. How not, almost all the basic features of video editing software are here. Not only combining video, images, and sound, in KineMaster there is also a direct audio recording feature or you can also add audio files from a folder on your Android device, besides that you can also directly edit them on the spot without having to move to another application .

Basically, all the main features contained in the video editor software on a computer are in this KineMaster video editing application. KineMaster is available for free on the Google Play Store, but if you want more powerful features, an ad-free application, and the resulting video without the KineMaster watermark, you can download the MOD version which is already widely spread on Google or you can also pay for the paid version.
This android video editing application is arguably the application that has the most complete features when compared to other applications, besides that this application is also the video editing application most often used by Android cellphone youtubers to edit their screen recorder recordings.

Android Themed Youtube Channel

Not a few YouTubers are successful just by recording their Android smartphone screen and then editing it with an Android video editing application as well, some of them have even managed to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers just by video game reviews, sharing video tutorials, and sharing other works.
Here are some YouTubers who are successful only with an Android cellphone and an Android video editing application:

The first android YouTube channel is called REGAZA, this channel turned one year old last September, even though it is a new channel, this channel has received more than 150,000 subscribers from YouTube users.
The main content of this channel is game reviews, both online games and offline android games. The presentation of the video which is packaged in a fun way makes the audience enjoy all the videos presented by the channel.

Andika McDevilStar

For channels with the next android theme, the Andika McDevilStar channel. As the name implies, the owner and developer of this channel is a young man named Andika, while the meaning of the word “McDevilStar” is unknown until now because Andika himself has never discussed it in any of his videos.
The topic of this channel is the tutorial for android cellphones, and there are also some videos that discuss game reviews and android editing applications. Until this article was published, the MCDevilStar andika channel has received more than 60 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Bang Tutorial

As the name implies. The entire content of the Channel bang tutorial is a video tutorial or ways, especially video editing tutorials using an android cellphone. As for the ownership of this channel, it seems that this channel is not owned by individuals, because in some videos on the channel there are several different people in their video delivery.
For now, the Bang tutorial channel has more than 80 thousand subscribers. An educational delivery style is the hallmark of the channel, making it easy for many people to recognize


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